What is phoenix generation

It's a wake up call to all patriot warriors, who believe in our America, States Rights, Freedom as we knew it, and want to return to the origin of what our country was built on. To a time where YOU could SAY God and not be condemed. America is a Christian Nation and was built on the principles of Christ. These values and morals have all but disappeared and we want to get back to the time when, we helped our cities,  we helped our neighbors, we coexisted with nature.

We do what must be done!!!!! 



The Tea party movement, made a big impression on America in which most of the main stream media (which is bias) said it is racist. The definition of racist, is one who believes that his or her own race is superior. The Tea Party movement, the patriot movement and many other movements who believe in the origin of the Constitution and that America has strayed from those beliefs and want to get America back to the core with America pride and values has nothing to do with racism of any sort nor does this group . Our children have been so indoctrinated in the public schools that no matter what race or type of faith they may have at home or in past generations they are confused on who they are and where their pride should be. We in Phoenix Generation do not condone hate or violence however preparedness is vital. Thats why Phoenix Generation was started and based on kinships of old Traditions . We are a  prepared  an ready Organization that can and will rise when needed to teach and build a future for our children.  If you are a kind spirit with an open mind, join us and find out what it means to Rise out of the darkness into the light, and be part of the Phoenix Generations rise to glory!!!!!" chúis leis ghlóir "and learn for yourselves Thanks for visiting us



That America was founded as a christian  nation.

There is a higher power.

The Constitution of the United States is the LAW of AMERICA!

STATES RIGHTS as found in the original INTENT of the constitution.

To work" in the  field", you choose, to keep your money ,pay your taxes, to your state and none sent overseas

To join together and help each other when called on! "No matter what". RISE UP PHOENIX show your true hearts.

 IN THE WORDS OF:   Robert E. Lee, "Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less"






This is a awesome video from

Irish Confederate warriors a tribute too my ancestors May god bless you all. They were a proud people. Thank you Grandpa. If you have honor and heritage that you are proud of, We welcome your stories  or videos send them to my e-mail at talon201211@yahoo .com. and think of joining The Phoenix Generation.

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